Lucedale in Black & White

Lucedale in Black & White

Here is another black & white photo, this time, from downtown Lucedale. I like the vintage feel of this building and I thought that it worked well in black & white with a little washed look. I have really been playing with that washed look lately and it's been fun experimenting with it in color and monochrome seeing what works and what doesn't. It's fun to explore and learn new things.

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Lucedale Tree
Lucedale Tree

Lucedale Tree

Fri Apr 8, 2016

I posted almost this exact same photo a while back, which you can see here.

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Tree in Lucedale

Wed Jul 15, 2015

I really liked this tree and the fact that they had it lit up and I knew that the lights would turn out really well in HDR, plus the texture of the tree was neat too.

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George County Courthouse - Lucedale

Wed Jul 22, 2015

If you haven't noticed, I like to take photos of every county courthouse that I come across (well most anyway) because I love the architecture since most have been around for decades.

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