Main Street Light Trails

Main Street Light Trails

Here is a light trail shot I took in downtown Columbus. Actually, I have to confess I made this into a light trail long exposure shots with photoshop. There were originally no light trails in this photo, but I thought it would make a cool light trail shot, so I used my ninja like photoshop skills and created it myself. Much too long of an explanation to tell you in this blog post, but maybe at a later date I can explain a little more how I created it. I love photography, especially digital, because of the manipulation possibilities. Sometimes you just create art out of an ordinary shot. So much fun. I am learning more about long exposure photography and capturing it in camera, but as for now this will suffice.

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Downtown Light Trails - Columbus

Mon Apr 27, 2015

I took this photo the same day that I took Wednesday's Photo.

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church
A Church Without Wires

A Church Without Wires

Thu Nov 5, 2015

This is the beautiful St. Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Columbus.

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Black & White Can Make Better

Thu Feb 25, 2016

This is a photo from downtown Columbus in front of the Episcopal church.

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