Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying time with family & friends, sipping on coffee or hot cocoa, watching your favorite Christmas movie, and, since it's Sunday, worshipping with your family. I'm looking forward to all of that today and more. I love Christmas!

I took this shot two nights ago in Tupelo on our way back from seeing the awesome display of Christmas lights in Cotton Plant, MS, a must see next year if you haven't seen it yet. Anyway, I had this idea to do some light painting in front of a Christmas tree and I knew that Tupelo had a really big one in Fairpark, so my wife, a friend, and I worked together to make this shot happen. I wrote out Merry and my friend, Jeff, wrote Xmas (Christmas was too big of a word to write out in the time we had to take the photo, sorry to those we get offended easily) while my wife took the photo. This is a 30 second exposure and the light painting was done with the flashlights on our iPhones. It took about 4 or 5 tries but we finally got it! I love playing with long exposures and discovering what you can do. It's challenging but fun to try, especially with other people.

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