Miniature Horse Barn - French Camp

Miniature Horse Barn - French Camp

I was so happy to see these miniature horses in French Camp that I took a billion photos of them. It was by far my favorite part of my visit in French Camp. Mainly because I am a big fan of the show Parks & Recreation. Just look up L'il Sebastian if you're confused. I also added a vintage flare to all of the photos I took there. It just seemed fitting to do that. Sometimes it's hard to explain why I edit certain photos the way I do, mostly because it just happens through experimentation and also because the reason is just because I like what I see. Sometimes it's as simple as that and there doesn't need to be some long explanation of it. People ask me why I do HDR photography. My response? Because I think it looks really cool. Maybe I could expand more but really that's pretty much the main reason.

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