Miniature Horse - French Camp

Miniature Horse - French Camp

A couple of weekends ago the wife and I headed towards Kosciusko to shoot some photos there and we decided to take the Natchez Trace. We made a stop in French Camp on the way and I spent some time walking around the Historic Village there which I suggest you go visit sometime soon. Besides it being a cool place to stop and visit I had a very productive time there as far as getting some quality photos. One of my favorite things about the visit was getting to see three miniature horses they had in a stable there. I was able to go up to the gate and the horses came right up to me so I made sure to get some close up shots. I thought shooting for HDR would be extremely difficult at this point considering you can't just tell a horse to be completely still and expect it to do so, however, I think this horse knew it was being photographed in HDR because it stood very still and let me take several photos, or maybe it was expecting me to feed it. Either way, it worked out and I got some good shots. 

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