Miss. to La.

Tue Aug 15, 2017

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On our way back home from Natchez we made the treck up Hwy. 61, taking lots of stops along the way to take photos. We ended our trip up 61 in Vicksburg, where I had to get a shot of the river bridge that goes in to Louisiana there. The welcome center there has a great place to stop and take shots of the bridger from a higher perspective, giving you a great view. There were a good many clouds, though the sun was shining, and some rain off in the distance, which you can see in the photo, that looks really cool. HDR can really bring out those small details. We stayed in Vicksburg for a couple of hours and saw some sights, though we plan to make a trip back in the early late summer/early fall to see a few more things that we weren't able to get to. Vicksburg is a beautiful town.