Mississippi in HDR - Ending Soon

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This will be the 896th day in a row that I have posted a photo on Mississippi in HDR. It has been a lot of fun and very challenging, though through that I believe it has forced me to become a better photographer and better photo editor. Having said that I am most likely goingt to shut down mississippiinhdr.com very soon. In fact, I have set a date for October 31, 2017 to be the last day that I post a photo on this site. There are several reasons for this that I'll explain here. First, it is becoming not very financially practical to continue taking photos as it costs money to travel, and honestly, the photos aren't selling. If you'll allow me to vent just a little, I often run across people who tell me "I love your photos!" and many of them follow that up by saying that they plan to buy a photo or two. About 2% of those people (a generous percentage probably) actually follow through with that. That part is extremely frustrating. Maybe part of that is my fault, I'm not a salesperson and never have been. I digress, because there is little to no money coming in to support the travel and the web site costsI just don't see it as a good decision to continue with it.

Another big change, as a result, is that my work will no longer be availabe for purchase as prints online, but only by contacting me directly (through email or through social media). My work will still be available through my smug mug site for viewing. Because of the limited way of purchasing prints, the prices will go up, so if you want to purchase prints before then, then I encourage you to do so.

My facebook page will not disappear and I will probably post to it from time to time with any updates or new photos. I will continue to be taking photos of Mississippi.

I am not giving up photography, but I am going to combine all of my photography under one name, LIFE photography, which will be available through lifephotographyms.com which will be up and running by November 1, 2017. I'll likely be focusing, business wise, on portrait and event photography but will continue to do lots of landscape photography from both Mississippi and through my travels around the country and hopefully, in the near future, the world. You can go ahead and follow my social media accounts at www.facebook.com/lifephotographyms and www.instagram.com/lifephotographyms.

Feel free to contact me through my social media accounts or at mississippiinhdr@gmail.com.

And, finally, enjoy today's photo from the old Okolona College in the little town of Okolona.

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