Moving Sky - Laurel

Moving Sky

If you go back and read my early blog posts on this site (it's been almost a year now, by the way) you will see that I don't have expensive eqipment. In fact I have not even invested $1000 in my camera and lenses combined. I am a firm believer that you can get as much out of "lesser" equipment if you use it right. Having said that, another thing that has helped me in my photography journey is my ability to use Photoshop well. I have been using Photoshop since around 2000 being a Graphic Designer student and also working professionally as one since college, so I have learned lots of tips and tricks that are helpful in photography. With Photoshops vast tools and uses I am continuing to learn new things even today.

So why am I telling you these things? Because of this photo. I have been wanting to capture some long exposure shots, but the equipment that I have is not very condusive to long exposure photography, so my solution was to create my own long exposure shots after the fact. My first example of that was in this photo of downtown Columbus. Using my photoshop skills I carefully made the sky to look like moving clouds. I won't go into detail about exactly how I did it, but hopefully in the near future I can make a video tutorial of the process. Like I said, it's all in how you use what you have.

And, by the way, I love downtown Laurel.

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