Muddy Farm - West Point

West Point

It was very wet and muddy the day I took this photo, so for lack of better names, this was the title I chose to give. Sometimes it's best to not overthink things. This farm sits across a field from the new Yokohoma tire plant, which you can see the water tower of off in the distance. This phot just never really worked in color and then BAM! take away the color and it suddenly becomes a good photo.

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Sunset Street
Sunset Street

Sunset Street

Sun Jan 24, 2016

Here is a nice sunset in downtown West Point, which is my hometown and where I recently moved back to. In fact, I live within walking distance of this spot.

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Ticket Window - West Point

Thu Aug 27, 2015

So glad that this old theater has been restored and is now The Ritz Theater & Conference Center.

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Commerce Street in West Point

Thu Feb 19, 2015

I'm excited to finally reveal one of the many photos of my hometown, West Point, MS. This is Commerce St. downtown and I took this photo standing in front of the City Hall building.

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