Nix's Barber Shop

Nix's Barber Shop

I took this shot the same night as yesterday's photo. This is actually where I got my haircuts as a kid growing up in West Point. Mr. Burt Nix cut my hair many times, and I have fond memories of going with my dad and my brother to get our "ears lowered". I remember several older men always being there, telling jokes and far-fetched stories. Probably my most vivid memories are of Jesse, the shoe shine guy, who always had a smile on his face and would joke around with me and my brother and ask me to do my impression of a local West Pointian, which I was almost always, in my perpetual shyness, too embarrassed to do. It really was the typical small town barbershop, where you discussed the latest football game, or the goings on around town. My wife cuts my hair now (she is a licensed cosmetologist), but I do often miss those days where things seemed much simpler. I believe Mr. Burt is retired but his barber shop is still going strong and I'm sure it's not much different now than it was when I frequented it as a kid, only missing Jesse who passed some years ago.

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