Overgrown - Kosciusko

Overgrown - Kosciusko

Something draws me toward abandoned houses and I can't explain why, but I find them fascinating and I always want to take photographs of them. Maybe it's because it makes me wonder what it was once like or who once lived there. They do make for good photographs too. I found this one right off of the square in downtown Kosciusko. It's quite a contrast from a photo of a house in Kosciusko that I posted a couple of weeks ago. HDR photogrpahy really pulls out the textures in old houses like this, which is another reason why I find them interesting. Hope you do too.

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Fri Mar 10, 2017

Kosciusko has a beautiful downtown square and their courthouse sits in the middle of it, but unlike many courthouses on the square that I've seen, it sits up on a hill sort of overlooking the rest

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Corner Drug Store - Kosciusko

Thu Oct 15, 2015

Here's a vintage looking shot of a corner drug store, aptly named, Pickle's Drug Store (Love that name). Such a quaint and peaceful square in downtown Kosciusko.

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Corner Store

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Here is another shot from the square in Kosciusko. My wife and I spend a good bit of time there when we took these photos and explored the downtown area.

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