Panchito - CAFB


This shot is from the 2014 air show at the Columbus Air Force Base. I was excited to take some shots of the planes on display, and I think this was my favorite one, mainly because of the textures and reflections on the plane which really jump out in this photo. It's a great representation of what it was like to actually stand in front of it, except for it being black & white. Lots of great detail to investigate in this photo.

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Into the Fire

Fri Nov 11, 2016

The sky was on fire the other night when I took this photo.

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Dock Reflection
Dock Reflection

Dock Reflection

Mon Nov 30, 2015

Here is yet another old photo that I was able to be happy with through post processing.

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Downtown Park Lights
Downtown Park Lights

Downtown Park Lights

Mon Dec 21, 2015

I like this little corner park in downtown Columbus which is right next to Holly Hocks where I posted a photo froma couple of days ago.

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