Pecan Tree at Sunset

Pecan Tree at Sunset

I always thought that this tree would make a great photo. In fact I have photographed this tree several times and will probably post the other photos at some point in the future. Maybe it's the fact that it has a slight lean, or just how it always looks against the sky in the background, not having to fight against other trees since there aren't any nearby. My wife graciously allows me to stop often when we are on our way to West Point to visit family (maybe with a slight sigh sometimes). I actually took this photo on Thanksgiving as we were on our way to a Thanksgiving meal and couldn't resist this photo with the sun setting and boy am I glad I stopped!

In case you were wondering, none of my photos are currently for sale. I know that most photographers will immediately start sellling their photographs, but I decided to wait a little while before selling any of them. They will eventually be available to buy so just keep an eye out for that and I will make an announcment as soon as I decide to begin selling them.

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