Peddle Bell Tower

Peddle Bell Tower

This is the Peddle Bell Tower at the Paris-Yates Chapel on the Ole Miss campus. I loved the roses that were in the flower bed (who doesn't love roses). I thought this photo would look nice with a vintage touch, while highlighting the red of the roses. I desaturated all the colors except for the red (which I actually slightly desaturated) so that the red would be very vibrant. I muted the blue in the sky to have some color at the top but not overpower the roses. Fun with photo editing!

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Shiny Tree
Shiny Tree

Shiny Tree

Thu Jun 30, 2016

As I was walking around the Ole Miss campus toward the Lyceum I happened to look behind because I had passed this really cool old building on the Grove.

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In the Grove

Thu Jun 2, 2016

It was a lovely morning on the Ole Miss campus as I was walking around taking photos just after sunrise. Such a beautiful campus with the Grove at its center

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Monochrome Depot

Sun Jul 31, 2016

Here is another photo of the University Depot in Oxford. Right on the edge of the Ole Miss campus. Click on one of the tags to see the other photo I posted of this depot. 

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