Photo Number 300 - Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset

Today is my 300th photo that I have posted on this site? How long did it take me to reach that milestone? 300 days to be exact. I have successfully posted a new photo for 300 consecutive days, and I hope that each of them has been enjoyed by different people. I try not to post a photo, just to post a photo, but instead post photos that I am satisfied with. I have plenty of photos that I don't like and therefore do not make the cut (though I may go back and figure out a way to make them look good), and I have my favorites that I've posted (and hopefully you do too), but each photo that I post is scrutinized over by me to make sure it is worthy to go on this site. 300 days from now I hope to say that I have posted 600 photos.

Who doesn't love sunset beach photos? I can't think of anyone. Anyway, here is a beach sunset photo. I played around a good bit with this photo, trying to achieve something different but still keep the vibrancy of the sunset colors. I ended going more simplistic with the colors and really bringing out the two most dominat colors, blue and orange, which work really well together. I love sunset photos, but they tend to all look the same, and I like my work to be unique as much as I'm able to do that and I would like to think I accomplished that in this photo. Hopefully you will see it as a work of art and not just a photo of a sunset.

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