Pickwick Sunset - Iuka

Pickwick Sunset - Iuka

When I arrived at J.P. Coleman State Park on Pickwick Lake I went around investigating and I found this nice spot looking out across the lake with the sun reflecting beautifully off of these clouds coming up over the trees. It was a nice moment to capture. Pickwick is a beautiful place that I highly recommend visiting if you haven't been there yet. This was my first trip and I got to experience it through camping (yes in an actual tent) on a nice and cool weekend.

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Steamy Lake - Pickwick

Wed Nov 18, 2015

I really enjoyed spending a couple of days at Pickwick as I had never been there before. I took advantage of camping right by the lake by getting up at sunrise to take some photos.

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Pickwick Sunset - Iuka

Tue Sep 15, 2015

When I arrived at J.P.

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Morning Mist - Pickwick Lake

Sun Oct 4, 2015

It was so great to wake up and litterally walk about 20 feet to see this scene on a very cool morning at Pickwick.

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