Poindexter Hall - MUW

Poindexter Hall - MUW

The W in Columbus is a very historic college and thus it is filled with some great historic architecture. For such a small college, it contains lots of nice buildings that are fun to photograph. My favorite time of day to go there is around sunset where I've gotten some great shots. I don't do many black & white HDR photos just because I love to play with color and creating vibrant realistic photos, however there are times when black & white is just the way to go and there's no avoiding it. I think, especially, with buildings like this it's fun to get rid of color and give it a more vintage feel to go along with the architecture.

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Welcome to Mississippi in HDR! I'm excited to finally launch this site and I hope that it will be a grand showcase of the beauty and uniqueness of Mississippi through the lens of HDR photography.

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year everyone!

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