Purple Lake

Purple Lake

Sunday evening I went to capture the sunset, since shooting sunsets for me has been few and far between lately (life gets busy sometimes). I intended to go out to Tibbee to get some shots as I had been out there the day before shooting a senior photo session for me and my wife's LifePhotography project and saw some potential HDR shots. However, on my way to Tibbee I found that the road was flooded so I had to change my direction and just go searching for a spot with sunset drawing ever nearer. I ended up here, at Waverly Waters and man was the situation perfect for some great sunset shots. The sky was as colorful as I had seen it in a long time and the lake was so still, casting a perfect reflection. In fact I flipped this photo upside down and if it weren't for the cinder blocks on the right you wouldn't be able to tell which side was the real life and which was the reflection. I go out and shoot so often hoping to get shots like this, but the conditions are rarely this perfect.

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Rising Sun
Rising Sun

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