Quiet Lake

Quiet Lake

This is a shot from Legion Lake in Walthall. It was very serene and quiet when we were there an there were no other people around, save for one fishing boat way off in the distance (not pictured here). There was a nice soft sunset behind us that created a great smooth gradient of warm to cool colors. Always try to photograph not only the sunset but what is on the other side of the sky from the sunset, because you never know what you might see.

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Lake Tree

Thu Apr 13, 2017

Here is another photo from Legion Lake in Walthall. There was a nice sunset, the water was calm and you could see the moon behind the tree. All of that makes for a good photo opp. Enjoy!

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Sunset on the Lake

Sun Apr 9, 2017

So yesterday's sunrise didn't quite work out for me as the sky was way too clear.

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Sunset Moon
Sunset Moon

Sunset Moon

Tue Jun 6, 2017

This is Legion Lake in Walthall, near Eupora during a n

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