Railroad at Red Bluff

Railroad at Red Bluff

I posted this photo a while back. It is not the same photo, but just looking in the opposite direction on the same tracks. This one also has a much different edit, which I actually think fits this photo much better, making it look more mysterious and almost "The Walking Dead"...ish. It really felt like that when I was there taking the picture, so it's fun to try and capture that in the photo for the viewer to experience. I want you to feel like you are really there standing in front of these tracks, wondering what is around that curve. Looking forward to going back and exploring Red Bluff some more.

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Stream at Red Bluff

Wed May 20, 2015

While at Red Bluff we hiked down one of the trails that lead to some railroad tracks and a stream that ran under the tracks. I think this stream feeds into the Pearl River which is nearby.

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Red Bluff Tracks - Foxworth

Thu Jun 18, 2015

We hiked down one of the trails at Red Bluff when we were there all the way down to the railroad tracks.

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E"road"ing - Red Bluff

Tue Jun 23, 2015

Clever title am I right? Yet another shot from Red Bluff with a better look at how the old highway is quickly eroding (yes I do actually know how to spell it) away.

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