The Recliner

The Recliner

Here is the abandoned house at Dockery Farms that I discovered on my first visit there. It is a very creepy place, made even more so by the empty recliner that sits at the entrance. I kind of wanted to sit on it and take a photo of myself, but after further thought I decided it wasn't a great idea. It made for a cool photo by itself though. This is not an untypical delta find.

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Dockery Farm House

Wed Feb 11, 2015

I found this old house on a stop at Dockery Farms near Cleveland, MS. For some reason I was fascinated with it. Probably because of the old chair that was sitting in the entrance to the house.

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Delta Service Station

Thu Nov 3, 2016

I'm still going through old photos and re-editing them. It's been pretty fun seeing these photos again and making them look even better, giving them a new, cleaner look.

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Ellis Theatre
Ellis Theatre

Ellis Theatre

Sat Feb 6, 2016

I took this photo on a day that I traveled through Greenville, Rosedale, Cleveland and Ruleville. It was a fun and very whirlwind trip.

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