Refuge Boardwalk

Refuge Boardwalk

Here is another shot from the Noxubee Refuge. This one was after the sun had risen enough to start showing the colors in the surroundings. The trees are still green, but are beginning to show the color change of fall.

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Blurry Walkway
Blurry Walkway

Blurry Walkway

Wed Feb 24, 2016

Here is a shot from the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge near Starkville. I love the strong bokeh in this photo as you leads you to the center, giving some great depth of field.

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Refuge Binoculars

Mon Mar 2, 2015

The refuge is such a nice place to go and just enjoy some quiet nature.

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Lake Lillies

Thu Apr 7, 2016

When I shoot in the afternoons, I always want there to be clouds in the sky, because it always adds an interesting alement to a landscape.

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