River Morning - Clay County

River Morning - Clay County

I decided one morning to find a spot on the river to capture an early morning shot. This was not too long after sunrise and the water was very calm so it made for some nice reflections and you can see the Hwy 82 bridge in the distance. Very peaceful shot.

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Henry Clay Hotel - West Point

Sat May 23, 2015

This is the historic Henry Clay Hotel in downtown West Point.

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Barn Path
Barn Path

Barn Path

Tue Mar 28, 2017

Here's another shot from a little photo ride around I did on Sunday. I took this photo with my 30mm Sigma Lens. I think it may be the first HDR photo that I've posted taken from that lens.

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The Windmill - West Point

Fri Oct 9, 2015

If I ride by this windmill at sunset, which I often do, then I will usually stop to photograph and because of that you now get to see it. I'm sure this will not be the last one.

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