River Ripples

River Ripples

This is a shot from the middle of the Tombigbee River while riding on a boat with some friends. This was one of those "after the rain" sunsets which are always so beautiful since the clouds bounce all that sun light as the sun sits low in the sky. Being near water and capturing the reflections of that sunset is an added bonus. This was just up river from the Columbus Lock & Dam.

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Downtown Light Trails - Columbus

Mon Apr 27, 2015

I took this photo the same day that I took Wednesday's Photo.

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The Himalaya - Columbus

Wed Oct 14, 2015

This is a shot of the Himalay ride with the Yoyo ride in the background. There was no sign of the Yeti anywhere though.

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Lock & Dam
Lock & Dam

Lock & Dam

Mon Mar 6, 2017

I love this photo from the Columbus Lock & Dam. The sky was great and the foam from the water really stood out and gave a great texture to the water.

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