Scary Cool House

Scary Cool House

On my trip to the delta I spent a good bit of time in Greenville. As I was riding around downtown I discovered this house as the sun was beaming from right behind it. I really like how it turned out and I hope you do too. This house was very creepy looking, but very cool and interesting at the same time. The delta is such a mysterious place to me.

So what equipment do I use? Right now there really isn't much to it. I have a small compact mirrorless camera called a Sony NEX-3. It's actuallly the lowest end camera in the Sony NEX series, but it has been a great camera and for anyone on a budget that enjoys photography, this is a great option. The lens I use mostly is a wide angle Sigma 19mm f2.8 DN Lens (Sony E) and it has a been a great lens at an affordable price as well. I have some older lenses that I have accumulated that actually do not fit my camera naturally, so I use adapters to attach it to my Sony and they have worked great so far and there are too many to list here. But for the most part I use my Sigma lens for HDR. And I always use a tripod when taking HDR shots as stability is of utmost importance.

Travelling through North Mississippi today and hoping to find some great spots to photograph. Have a great weekend!

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