Shiny Tree

Thu Jun 30, 2016

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As I was walking around the Ole Miss campus toward the Lyceum I happened to look behind because I had passed this really cool old building on the Grove. When I did I saw how the sun was dimmed by the tree as it kind of peaked around it. I know enough about my camera and its setttings to know that I could probably get a nice sunburst if I closed my aperture down as far as it would go. So I set the aperture to f22 (basically a pin hole) and ended up with this neat effect that I really love. 

I really likek to play with light like this, by using a smaller aperture and seeing what comes about because of it. Although a higher aperture is mostly used to let in less light, I also like to paly around with it at night for that very reason, because although, yes, it is darker at night, or sunset/sunrise, there are lights all around that can be muted and given a nice effect with a higher aperture starting at about f16. It's not always needed, but is fun to play with and see what kind of photo you can get with it. The great thing about digitial is that you can just snap the same photo at every aperture if you want to and choose the one that looks the best, that's if you have a lot more patience than I do.

Sidenote: There was also a truck parked in front of that building that I didn't want to be in the photo, so the tree being there also allowed me to take a photo without the truck.