Small Town Traffic

Small Town Traffic

I have been going back and refining old photos, some that I have posted and some that I overlooked or though weren't good enough. Having learned lots of new editing techniques I'm having a blast implementing and experimenting with them and seeing what comes out of it. I took this photo in downtown Columbus when I was living in Columbus. My wife and I moved to West Point in late 2015, so many of my early photos in HDR were taken in Columbus because I would just get out and about and practice, experiment and learn. I am working on branching out to more and more of the state so be patient with me if you haven't seen any or enough photos from your home town or home county. I'll get there.

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The Himalaya - Columbus

Wed Oct 14, 2015

This is a shot of the Himalay ride with the Yoyo ride in the background. There was no sign of the Yeti anywhere though.

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Fri Jun 3, 2016

I love going to the fair and taking photos. There is so much color and movment, along with interesting people. It is sensory overload and I love to capture that, or at least attempt to.

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Into the Fire

Fri Nov 11, 2016

The sky was on fire the other night when I took this photo.

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