Smoky Sunset

Smoky Sunset

I took this photo during early spring this year. As I was driving home from work I noticed that there was lots of smoke in the air creating this creepy orange haze in the sky as the sun was getting ready to set. I had to quickly pull off of the highway and try to find a nice spot to capture it. I took several photos with my Sigma 19mm lens that I usually use for landscape shots. However I wanted to get a better photo of the sun, which looked huge in the sky, so I pulled out one of my vintage 50mm lenses (which turn into a 75mm with my E mount adapter) to get a photo. This happened to be the place I found for that shot, and though it doesn't really capture how huge the sun looked to me, I really liked that, because of the haziness, I could shoot straight at the sun with no flares and capture it as just a glowing circle and not as a huge blownout light in the sky. I took this just off of Hwy. 45 where Hwy. 82 crosses over it.

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