Snowy Path

Snowy Path

I just can't help posting these photos of the snow, so if you are annoyed by it you'll just have to forgive me. Who doesn't love photos of snow? Especially when that snow is Mississippi, which is a fairly rare site. In any case, here is a photo of a snowy road that runs next to the River Walk in Columbus past Reuben's Catfish place. It's a road that you will rarely see a car on and one that I've taken photos of at various times of day. This was the one that finally worked. Be forewarned, this may not be the last one I post this year.

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Thu Feb 25, 2016

This is a photo from downtown Columbus in front of the Episcopal church.

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Car Show

Tue Jul 19, 2016

Here is a photo from a couple of years back during a car show at the Market Street Festival. These shots always turn out so cool in HDr because of the texture and shine of the car.

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Dreamy Path
Dreamy Path

Dreamy Path

Wed Dec 30, 2015

Here's another photo from Plymouth Bluff standing in roughly the same spot I stood in the photo I posted two days ago, only looking in a different direction.

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