Spain House Restoration

Spain House Restoration

This is a really rarely occassion where I post a photo that was taken on the same day. Sometimes I post photos that I took two even three years ago. Since I am spending a lot of time in Tupelo this weekend, I decided to get out and explore and take some photos since the clouds were perfect for afternoon photography. It didn't last very long, however, as the rains began to settle on Tupelo for a while. Hopefully there will be more exploring tomorrow.

This is the Spain House which is being restored in the Mill Village area in downtown Tupelo. Word has it that this house was moved to this location from another location after being hastily put on the national historic register. I'd love more information on this house if you got it. Comment below!

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Fri Jun 2, 2017

Tupelo is a great town in Northeast Mississippi. I actuallly worked there for about 7 years, so I am well aquainted with it, but had not photographed it very much until recently.

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Train Stairs
Train Steps

Train Steps

Mon Jul 24, 2017

This is the Frisco train car that sits on display in downtown Tupelo next to the railroad tracks.

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Statue of The King

Sat Feb 25, 2017

This is a photo of the Elvis statue in Tupelo next to his birthplace.

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