A Splash of Color - Kosciusko

A Splash of Color - Kosciusko

As I edit photos in LightRoom I make a habit of saving photo settings as presets to use for later on other photos. So when I open a new photo to edit I will often go through my presets until I find one that works well on that particular photo, which I then tweak to get it just the way I want it. It makes my editing much more efficient and it also helps me to stumble across new looks that add to the variety of photos that I post, which is great, since I post a new photo every single day. Variety is a good thing. That was what happened on this photo. I was captured by the red crosswalk against a black and white scene. The courthouse was also splashed with red when I added the preset, but I decided that only the crosswalk should be red and lead the viewer up to the courthouse in a very dynamic way. I even played with keeping the trees green, but nothing else worked for me besides just the red crosswalk. I also left a dash of gold at the top to frame the courthouse and add a little bit of balance to it as well. I hope it works for you as well.

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