Statue of Liberty - Columbus

Statue of Liberty - Columbus

No I didn't photoshop the NYC Statue of Liberty into this photo. This mini Statue of Liberty sits in the middle of Main Street in downtown Columbus. I always wanted to get a shot of it and this time of day was the perfect time to get the statue along with some nice light trails. I hope to photograph it some more at some point.

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Lock & Dam
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Lock & Dam

Mon Mar 6, 2017

I love this photo from the Columbus Lock & Dam. The sky was great and the foam from the water really stood out and gave a great texture to the water.

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The Himalaya - Columbus

Wed Oct 14, 2015

This is a shot of the Himalay ride with the Yoyo ride in the background. There was no sign of the Yeti anywhere though.

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Glowing Forest - Plymouth Bluff

Thu Sep 24, 2015

The day I took this photo I went exploring at the Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center near Columbus. It was a beautiful and cool day in December.

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