Street Bokeh Experiment

Street Bokeh

It's always fun to experiment with photography by trying different angles, different aperture settings, or laying your camera in the middle of the street and shooting straight ahead. The good thing about digital photography is that every photograph is free, so you can take as many photos as you want as many different ways as you want and it doesn't cost you an extra dime. In this shot, I literally set my camera on the stripe in the road (making sure no cars were coming), set the f-stop to 1.8, manually focused so that the only area in focus was just a few feet in front of the camera, and took the shot. I love creating nice bokehs with lights, because they make these nice little circles of color that are so fun to look at. I wanted to create a nice depth of field with a small area of focus, but still be able to have recognizable objects in the background. Sort of a slight abstract photo. Go out and experiment with compositions, angles, camera settings and see what comes out of the camera!

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Pastel Lake
Pastel Lake

Pastel Lake

Thu Apr 20, 2017

Here's a great sunset I caught last year from Waverly Waters just outside of West Point.

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Windmill Sillhouette
Windmill Sillhouette

Windmill Sillhouette

Fri Mar 24, 2017

Here is a single shot photo (I usually do 3 shots per image) of the West Point windmill at sunrise with some beautiful purple clouds on the left side of the photo.

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Light Speed

Tue Sep 5, 2017

Last weekend I went out to get some sunset photos and decided to try and capture some light trails as well.

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