Sunrise Over the Lake - Pickwick

Sunrise Over the Lake - Pickwick

I awoke early on this morning to capture this awesome sunrise over Pickwick Lake. I scouted out this area the night before since it was just down a hill from where our campsite was, so it was easy and quick to get to, which was great since it meant I didn't have to get up as early. I got there before the sun came over the horizon and waited for the right moment. It casted a great long shadow from the tree stump in front of me and the golden glow was just perfect. 

It's so frustrating sometimes that the greatest moments to take a photograph during the day are also the shortest windows of time, but, man, for that short time you have to see it, it can be so breathtaking and peaceful. It seems to me that if it lasted a long time you might get to used to it and take it for granted, but instead it is a fleeting moment that makes you long for the next one. What a beautiful moment it was.

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