Sunset Silo

Sunset Silo

Here is something you don't typically see in Mississippi. A silo. Just kidding, but I thought this particular silo was in an interesting place and likely not being used anymore. And let's face it... against such a beautiful sunset, anything would look good in this photo. Sometimes you just need a subject and it matters little what it is.

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Lake Lowndes

Wed Mar 18, 2015

This is a photo of Lake Lowndes in Columbus. This is pretty much just a straight forward HDR shot with some nice colors in the trees and blues in the sky and water reflections.

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Two Bridges
Two Bridges

Two Bridges

Fri Aug 19, 2016

This a photo from the River Walk in Columbus. These are two bridges that take you to a little island across the Tombigbee River channel.

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Sanctuary - Columbus

Sun Jun 28, 2015

Since it's Sunday I thought I would post a photo that I took a while back of the Sanctuary where I worship every Sunday.

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