A Tank!

A Tank!

A tank! I thought that was a fitting title for this post. This tank is located in Aberdeen at the American Legion building on the outskirts of town. I just had to get photos of it, so I spent a decent amount of time there getting all different angles. I even took a close up of the wheels, which I'll post later. I figured a tank photo would be very manly and we men love manly things, so enjoy the manliness exuding from this photo.

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Fri May 29, 2015

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I am trying to photograph more historic homes in Mississippi. I saw this home in Aberdeen that I really loved and so I got in the middle of the street and took a couple of photos.

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Wed Aug 12, 2015

I like to see some intricate stuff in architecture, like this little face added above one of the columns of the Chancery Building in Aberdeen. It gives off a very noble vibe.

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