Textured Cemetery

Tomb Texture

The final photo in Weekend of Textures is this photo from Friendship Cemetery. I basically used the same textures from Friday's photo with some subtle differences. This scene was more blue since it was closer to sunset so the colors are dramatically different. I really dirtied this one up more because I thought it fit the scene and the time of year that it was taken (early fall). I really like the splash of yellow on the horizon. That Pin Light Blend Mode works great with colored textures!

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Wed Jun 24, 2015

I took this shot over a year ago and rediscovered it whil going back through some old photos and I really like the transition of the color from the bottom to the top.

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Two Years!

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Today marks two years of Mississippi in HDR. That means for the last 728 days I have successfully posted a photo.

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Wed Sep 9, 2015

I think this is a really cool mausoleum at friendship cemetery and everytime I go out there I take photos of it.

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