Tiny Boat

Boat Reflection

I've been going back through some really old photos the last couple of days, reflecting on the two years I have spent posting photos to this blog and the three years that I've been immersed in HDR photography. This is a really early photo that I felt I could never get quite right until now. In the early days I was pretty much guessing at the post-processing part of photography, doing more experimenting that anything else. Over that time I have learned a lot and am now more calculating in the approach I take to post-processing (though not with every single photo). I can take a look at a photo and know how to attack it in Lightroom and Photoshop and foresee the outcome a little better, mostly because I know my tools much better. I'm still learning and hopefully growing and will continue to get better and better. Posting everyday allows me to see the progress I'm making and foreces me to keep getting better.

This photo was taken in Columbus from the River Walk bridge at sunset.

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