Tire Man - Bruce

Mon Apr 20, 2015

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While driving around Calhoun County I was informed by a friend about "The Tire Man" in Bruce. All I was told was that it was a statue made of old tires, so I didn't expect much out of it as far as size until I actually spotted it on the edge of town. It was really big! I'm about 6'1" tall and my head came up to about the bottom of the last tire on its right leg, just to give you a little perspective. It was a really cool thing that was unique to Bruce so I was glad to be told about it and be able to photograph it. It was rainy so you can barely see the rain coming down around his face. I'm hoping to find more things like this that are unique to the small towns in Mississippi, so if you know of any places, please comment below or send me an email.