Train Blur

Train Blur

Last year I made a trip to Meridian with my wife to take some photos around the downtown area. I spotted these tracks just outside of downtown so I stopped to take some photos (it was near sunset) and this train come speeding by so I was able to get some photos of the train in motion. It's always fun to capture things in motion and see the kind of effects you get, especially with HDR when you have 3 different images. I thought this photo was cool because it captures some blurry movement of the train along with some still parts of the train and they blend together quite nicely. I'm glad I came back to this photo.

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Street View
Street View

Street View

Tue Mar 7, 2017

Enjoy this photo from downtown Meridian. Meridian has some great architecture, including the Three Foot Building that you can see in the center of the photo (largest building in the frame).

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First Presbyterian Meridian

Wed Mar 4, 2015

I recently posted a photo of downtown Meridian. I took quite a few photos while wandering around the area. One of the cool buildings I saw was this church, which is First Presbyterian Church.

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Trains at Sunset - Meridian

Sat Aug 8, 2015

Something about dirty trains and tracks in a rugged area that makes for a good photo. Add in a sunset for the extra effect and this is what you get.

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