Tree and Sky

Tree and Sky

This may be a photo you either like or hate because of how simple it is. I personally like it or else I wouldn't have posted it. My favorite part about it are the nice whispy clouds that create a nice texture.

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MSU Tree

Mon Aug 24, 2015

I took this photo near sunset and there was some awesome lighting going on and I really like how the texture of the tree came out in this photo.

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Brick Street
Brick Street

Brick Street

Tue May 9, 2017

Here is a photo from the Cotton District just off of the MSU campus in Starkville, a very college friendly area with bars and restaraunts with sort of a New Orleans feel to it.

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Chapel Entrance - Mississippi State

Tue May 19, 2015

I'm convinced that you can't get a bad shot at the Chapel of Memories at MSU. I think this may be the third or fourth photo I've posted from there and I have even more!

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