Union County Courthouse - New Albany

New Albany

Once again I want to remind you that you can now purchase my photos through smugmug.com by simply clicking on the above photo and then choosing the "Buy" option underneath it on Smug Mug. While there you can search through tags to find photos from the different counties that I've been able to photograph so far.

Here is another photo from New Albany during my morning trip there this past weekend. This is probably one of the more beautifully designed courthouses in the state, at least that I've seen. The cool part about this photo is that while I was there,there was vintage car show going on and people were getting there cars set up and I thought it was really neat that these three were parked out front, giving the photo a really vintage feel. Almost like I went back in time and photographed the courthouse in the 60's.

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Morning Lights
Morning Lights

Morning Lights

Sat May 7, 2016

Here is a shot of New Albany at sunrise that I took on my visit there late last year.

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Railroad Sunrise
Railroad Sunrise

Railroad Sunrise

Sun Jul 3, 2016

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Union Appliance

Thu Mar 23, 2017

Here's a nice early morning shot from New Albany. I hope to get back here again sometime when there are some nice clouds in the sky to really add some pop to the photos.

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