Vintage Stripe

Vintage Stripe

This is a photo of the Stone County Courthouse and the road leading up to it in Wiggins, from a unique perspective. I actually like to do this a good bit, just to get a shot from a different perspective and then compare to my other shots. It's fun to try and get a unique take on a landscape or scene by shooting from a spot that you wouldn't typically see it from. You wouldn't see this perspective unless you decided to lay down in the road. In fact, to get this shot (no, I did not lay down in the road) I laid my camera on the road and then took the shot.

I've been really working on getting a film look in some of the presets that I create, because, though I rarely shoot with film, I love the look that film can give you (depending on the type of film). I reallly happy with the way this preset turned out and, so far, has given me my best film preset and one I can base more film presets off of. I added a good bit of grain to really finish off the film look.

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