Weekend of Textures

Weekend of Textures

This weekend I am going to try something a little different. I am calling it "Weekend of Textures". Today through Sunday each photo will be processed using different textures. Today's photo is from Clay County where I spotted this water truck parked next to the windmill (See yesterday's post). I though this photo would be a perfect candidate for a texture so away I went playing around with textures that I've collected through my own photography along with some textures from Google's Nik Collection. I used 3 of my own textures on this one and I played with the Pin Light Blend Mode on a couple of them which created these nice rainbow like colors that you can see in the top left and right corners. One of the textures was of a pieces of peeling wood that had been painted red and I think that Pin Light Blending really brought out some of the colors that make up the red. Very neat effect. It nice for photos to have a sort of worn vintage look such as this. More tomorrow!

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Snow by the Pond

Tue Jan 16, 2018

West Point finally got some snow today. After everybody around us getting snow within the past month we finally go some ourselves.

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Sunset Over a Field
Sunset Over a Field

Sunset Over a Field

Sat Jan 30, 2016

This shot is under the windmill on Hwy. 50 near West Point, looking toward West Point. I have photographed this windmill many times, but I wanted to give a different perspective this time.

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Water Tower at Sunset - West Point

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Went out on a sunset adventure the other day because I knew there would be a good one.

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