Windmill Sillhouette

Windmill Sillhouette

Here is a single shot photo (I usually do 3 shots per image) of the West Point windmill at sunrise with some beautiful purple clouds on the left side of the photo. The reason I only used 1 shot here is because I set the ISO too high at 800 when taking this photo (I was a camera newbie at the time). Photomatix, the software that I use to merge my multiple images to creat an HDR photo, automatically adds a bit of noise to a photo, so the higher the ISO of the images, the more noise gets added to the photo. That's why I always now keep my HDR shots at the lowest ISO my camera will go, which is 100. There is nothing wrong with shooting at a higher ISO, however it is not very beneficial for HDR images. If you ever want noise in an HDR shot you can simply add it in post-processing very easily. Aaaah, the magic of technology

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Home for Christmas

Fri Dec 25, 2015

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