Sun Oct 15, 2017

This building sits next to The Old Country Store in Lorman. I thought it was a nice scene, because I love old buildings and because the trees were blooming with red flowers behind and the sky was awesome.

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Small Town Lion

Sat Oct 14, 2017

I spotted this lion in downtown West Point but luckily he seemed to be frozen in time. Oddly enough, right across the street from this lion is a stuffed lion inside of a gun shop. So beware of exotic wildlife when you are walking through West Point.

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National Bank of Commerce

Fri Oct 13, 2017

I found this building while walking around downtown Hattiesburg and when I first saw it I thought it was just an abandoned building that had been gutted and awaiting renovation, but upon further inspection it appeared to be a gutted building that is now being used as a courtyard, which I thought

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Purple Lake Reflection

Thu Oct 12, 2017

I love these soft sunsets where the clouds help create this smooth gradient of light from one color to another and then you have some water to double up those colors with a great reflection with the tree line breaking them up.

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White Church

Wed Oct 11, 2017

I found this old church after taking a wrong turn looking for the road to Rodney. I ended up being way off but I at least saw something interesting. This church is about 1/4 mile up the road that runs right beside the Old Country Store in Lorman off of Hwy. 61.

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Black and White Bridge

Tue Oct 10, 2017

I took this photo of the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg with my 50mm Sony lens, which I very rarely use for any type of landscape shot or HDR shot in general, but I wanted to get a more cropped photo of the bridge since I couldn't get any closer to it.

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Longwood Through the Trees

Mon Oct 9, 2017

During our visit to Natchez we took the tour of Longwood and we really enjoyed both the tour and being able to walk around the grounds and take photographs. Though unfinished on the inside, the outside is a beautiful mansion with a gorgeous cupola on top.

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Red Hot

Sun Oct 8, 2017

I've always liked this sign and always wanted to photograph but just never took the time to do it. Finally, on our way back from Hattiesburg I planned ahead to stop and take a shot.

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Gas Pumps

Sat Oct 7, 2017

Here's another shot from my early morning photo session in downtown Hattiesburg. There was a nice purply color cast over everything a few minutes before the sun poked it's head over the horizon.

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Train Station

Fri Oct 6, 2017

I've shot photos of the train station in Hattiesburg once before, but I thought it was time to go back and capture it again with the increased knowledge of my camera that I have now (and was lacking back then). An added bonus was that a train came by as I was shooting.

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