Abandoned Theater

Wed Jun 6, 2018

I found this old abandonded theater while walking around downtown Yazoo City during my time there. I have no idea when it was last used or if it is even still used at all today. I'm guessing not,...

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Old Elks Lodge Building - Greenville

Tue Mar 31, 2015

I found this building in downtown Greenville and it looked like it was once a pretty important building. I was told by a guy that I met while taking photos that it was some sort of club for Cotton...

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Abandoned House at Sunset - Louisville

Mon Mar 30, 2015

When I got into Louisville I passed through the area that had obviously been damaged by the tornado last year and I wanted to make sure to get some photos before I left, so as I was leaving...

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Tarlton Store

Sun Mar 15, 2015

On the way to Louisville from Columbus, I decided to take some back roads and look for some cool shots. I saw this abandoned store in a community called Tarlton, which I believe is in Lowndes County...

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Downtown Scooba

Sun Feb 22, 2015

Passed through Scooba a few weeks ago and wanted to snap some pictures of the old buildings there in "downtown" scooba. Sadly they all seemed to be abandoned as many old buildings in tiny towns are....

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