Mon Oct 30, 2017

I figured since tomorrow is Halloween that it would be appropriate to post a photo from a cemetery, since they are kinda creepy and all. Although I actually thought this grave and monument was very...

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Franklink St.

Sat Oct 28, 2017

Enjoy this photo from Natchez, a beautiful town full of so much history 

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Wilmer Shields

Sat Oct 21, 2017

I thought this was a beautiful mausoleum at the Natchez Cemetery. One of many, but this one really stood out because of its size and because of the wrought iron gate around it as well. I encourage...

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Tue Oct 17, 2017

This carraige sits inside one of the out buildings at the Longwood plantation in Natchez. This little building was fool of old tools and odds and ends that correlate with the history of the...

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Little Angel

Mon Oct 16, 2017

I really enjoyed my visit to the Natchez Cemetery (as much as you can enjoy a cemetery). The history and some of the intriguing stories behind some of the graves really fascinated me so my wife and I...

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Longwood Through the Trees

Mon Oct 9, 2017

During our visit to Natchez we took the tour of Longwood and we really enjoyed both the tour and being able to walk around the grounds and take photographs. Though unfinished on the inside, the...

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President's House

Sun Sep 24, 2017

On our way out of Natchez we decided to stop by the old Jefferson Military College. Unfortunately the gate was closed but as we drove up the road we noticed this house and learned that it was the...

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Iron Monument

Sun Sep 10, 2017

The Natchez Cemetery is a beautiful cemetery full of history and very interesting stories behind some of the graves. I thought this iron monument was very beautiful standing among the graves surround...

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Bridge Left

Sat Sep 9, 2017

I woke up really early to get to the bridge at sunrise and was excited to find out I could get right under the bridge to take photos, something I wasn't able to do on the opposite side of the river....

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Franklin Street

Thu Sep 7, 2017

We spent a good amount of time on Franklin St. exploring the many antique stores that they have, most of which were way out of our price range, and having coffee or eating breakfast at the Natchez...

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