Thu May 25, 2017

Here is another photo of the abandoned house in downtown Koscuisko. I posted another one the other day that you can check out. I tried to...

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Front Porch

Mon May 15, 2017

I found this abandoned home not far from the dowtown square in Kosciusko (an awesome town square by the way). As I've said many times, abandoned buildings always spark my curiosity for whatever...

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Corner Store

Sat Mar 11, 2017

Here is another shot from the square in Kosciusko. My wife and I spend a good bit of time there when we took these photos and explored the downtown area. I liked the lines leading you up the photo in...

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Square Courthouse

Fri Mar 10, 2017

Kosciusko has a beautiful downtown square and their courthouse sits in the middle of it, but unlike many courthouses on the square that I've seen, it sits up on a hill sort of overlooking the rest of...

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Sun Sep 18, 2016

This walkway leads up to the side of the Attala County Courthouse in Kosciusko. As I posted yesterday, the courthouse sits on top of a hill which allows this walkway to lead up to the basement of the...

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Square Courthouse

Sat Sep 17, 2016

Here is a photo of the Attala County Courthouse in Kosciusko. Kozy has a great downtown square and the courthouse sits atop a hill in the middle of it overlooking the rest of the square making it...

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Attala County Courthouse - Kosciusko

Wed Nov 4, 2015

I like leading lines and leading a viewer into the image, which is why I take a lot of shots that show perspective. I don't always think about every aspect of how an eye goes from one part of the...

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Corner Drug Store - Kosciusko

Thu Oct 15, 2015

Here's a vintage looking shot of a corner drug store, aptly named, Pickle's Drug Store (Love that name). Such a quaint and peaceful square in downtown Kosciusko.

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A Splash of Color - Kosciusko

Sun Sep 20, 2015

As I edit photos in LightRoom I make a habit of saving photo settings as presets to use for later on other photos. So when I open a new photo to edit I will often go through my presets until I find...

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Abandoned House - Kosciusko

Wed Jul 29, 2015

I posted a picture a while back of this house, which you can view here. This house is located just off the square in Koscuisko, which I highly recommend you...

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