Delta Service Station

Thu Nov 3, 2016

I'm still going through old photos and re-editing them. It's been pretty fun seeing these photos again and making them look even better, giving them a new, cleaner look. This was at Dockery Farms...

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The Recliner

Fri Sep 16, 2016

Here is the abandoned house at Dockery Farms that I discovered on my first visit there. It is a very creepy place, made even more so by the empty recliner that sits at the entrance. I kind of wanted...

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Ellis Theatre

Sat Feb 6, 2016

I took this photo on a day that I traveled through Greenville, Rosedale, Cleveland and Ruleville. It was a fun and very whirlwind trip. I stopped in downtown Cleveland for a while and this was one of...

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Storage Barn

Sun Jan 31, 2016

This is a barn I found while walking around Dockery Farms. I took this photo about a year and a half ago and didn't edit it until the other day. Sometimes I see photos after I take them and don't...

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Dockery Farms Abandone House

Fri Dec 11, 2015

I really loved this little old house that sits on the Dockery Farms property. It was so mysterious, especially with the recliner parked right at the entrance to the house. You never know what you...

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Dockery Service Station Two

Wed Oct 28, 2015

Here is another shot from my time at Dockery Farms last year. I look forward to exploring more of the delta very soon.

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Court and Sharpe - Clevleand

Sun Oct 18, 2015

Don't forget that at the posting of tomorrow's blog, all photos on my site will be for sale. I will give you all the details tomorrow and then, if you wish, you may begin buying photo prints &...

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Abandoned Buildings - Rosedale

Wed Jun 3, 2015

Unfortunately I saw a lof of buildings like this in the delta, although they do make for good photos. The cool thing about these is that they were very colorful abandoned buildings, and I'm pretty...

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Cleveland Depot

Sun Apr 26, 2015

Here is another shot of downtown Cleveland, MS. A quaint little town in the delta. Many small towns have kept their train depots up or renovated them to keep around some history from the town as many...

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Old Truck in Cleveland

Sat Apr 18, 2015

Cleveland has a very quaint downtown area and I enjoyed spending some time there. This old truck seemed to fit the historic downtown vibe, so in processing the photo I wanted to give it a vintage...

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